Summer wrap-up

by Administrator 8. August 2012 09:52

As I stare at the screen, reflecting on the program here at the QCCDC, I am simply struck by the fact that summer has flown by!  I know that the children have made good use of their time, they have had weekly water days to beat the heat, they have learned the rules of the new playground, the classroom walls hold many displays of the themes they have completed.  The staff have been taking some well deserved vacation time, and spending time with their families. 

Now as Fall approaches, we will be settling back into the routines of the school year.  We have more changes we will be introducing.  We are preparing to implement a new curriculum for all the students, our new Creative Curriculum materials have arrived and are being explored by the staff for future planning.  We are also starting the journey to become part of the  Quality Rating System, or QRS for short.  Over the next few months, as we continue this journey, we will have lots more info on the QRS to share. 

 We are growing excited about the new changes, and it seems our families our sharing that excitement.  As new families come to visit the center to talk about enrollment, they tell me they heard about us from a friend.  So thank you to everyone who is buzzing about the QCCDC, it is that commitment to the program that helps us grow stronger



At QC Child Development Center, each classroom is organized with multiple learning centers offering choices based on the individual child's interest. Learning centers may include creative art, literature,science, pre-math, dramativ play, large motor, cognitive and manipulative areas.

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