Busy Day!

by Administrator 20. August 2013 08:43

Just a little update from QCCDC, Silvis.  Yesterday we had such an amazing day!  We work with one of the local high schools to place students in an early childhood environment.  This placement helps students to decide if they want to pursue a career in Early Childhood.  In addition to giving a walking tour to 50+ high school Juniors and Seniors, we invited West Music to the facility yesterday.  We had two lovely ladies who worked with small groups of children and did some music therapy, the children were still talking about it late in the day.  Because we weren't busy enough, we also had two local QRS consultants in our two year old classroom doing a mock assessment.  They are helping to prepare us for our official assessment which will take place in December.  Finally, in all of the hustle and bustle of families preparing children for back to school, our toddler classroom took advantage of the rising temperatures and squeezed in another water day yesterday Smile  Just summing up our recent events makes me tired, but the wonderful staff are working hard, and the children are reaping the rewards of such a dedicated program




At QC Child Development Center, each classroom is organized with multiple learning centers offering choices based on the individual child's interest. Learning centers may include creative art, literature,science, pre-math, dramativ play, large motor, cognitive and manipulative areas.

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