Week of Festive Fun!

by Administrator 17. December 2012 09:34

First, I want to give a big thank you to everyone who voted in our Christmas Tree Contest.  I know it was not easy, each class used a lot of creativity.  The winning tree was the Lighted Tree in South America, our preschool classroom.  It was close, it came down to one vote!  The canned food and toys that made up the Infant room tree are being taken down so that all items can be donated to a local pantry.  Today, the staff are wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters, voting will begin this afternoon, don't forget your pocket change.  All the money collected through voting will be donated to the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign.  We do these things in fun to pass on the spirit of the season, but also to give back to the community that we are a part of.  I hope everyone embraces the Season of Giving!  When it comes to these children in our care, we are their role models, and we want to pass on the ability to give to others.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by Administrator 14. December 2012 08:51

Wow! What a week we have had!  Thank you to all of the families for allowing your child to take part in the Holiday program.  Last night we had over 150 people crowded into the community room to hear our little Angels sing their hearts out.  What a surprise for the kids that Santa took time out of his busy schedule to come and visit with them.  The staff did an amazing job working with the children, and preparing for our festivities.  Thank you all for the extra work that it took to make last night seem effortless.  I would also like to thank all of our visitors who took the time to vote in the classroom tree Making/Decorating contest.  I know the choice was not easy because all of the trees were so unique.

The Infant room has 9 of their 13 new cribs in place.  The rest should be in by the weekend Smile.  And I am pleased to announce on our journey to applying for QRS, I have just completed a grant which will buy $5000 worth of new equipment for the classrooms.  The grant budget will be handed off today, so I foresee lots of deliveries in the near future!  Stay tuned for more QRS updates. 


Holiday Program

by Administrator 12. December 2012 22:48

Our Holiday Program was a huge success.  Over 100 parents and grandparents packed our Community Room to hear their little ones sing some holiday songs.  Thank you to the parents for supporting our teachers and bringing their children back to the center to sing.  The teachers did a great job, I am very proud and thankful for all of my staff.  Don't forget our Holiday Parties on December 21st 3:30-4:00, parents are welcome and treat sign up sheets are in the classrooms.  

Center News:  We are one step away from being approved for the Food Program, thank you for filling out and returning the required paperwork.  We will soon have 8 new cribs in our infant room.  Earn a free week with our refer a friend program.Smile


Season of Giving

by Administrator 6. December 2012 11:39

I can't believe Christmas is less than 3 weeks away.  Our Holiday Program is Tuesday December 11th at 6:30, I can hear the children practicing their songs throughout the building.  They sound like a Choir of  Angels echoing through the halls.  The Pre-K class is having their Holiday family lunch today, with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole and a roll and the children made a fruit salad for their parents.  This marks the end of their Food Unit.

Please remember with changing weather children need to have hats, coats and mittens.  We have outside time if the temperature is above 15 with the wind chill.  When it snows children need boots and snow pants or a spare pair of shoes and pants so they aren't sitting in cold wet clothes after outside time.  Also you should change out their spare clothes to something warmer if you haven't already.  


Holiday Hustle and Bustle

by Administrator 27. November 2012 09:23

As the weather outside is cooling, we want to remind everyone to dress your child for the falling temperatures, and make sure they have the items they need to stay warm when we venture outdoors.  We had a big maintenance weekend in Silvis, not only do our floors look great, but the fresh coat of paint on the walls really brightened the building up. Thank you to everyone involved!  The children are working hard on learning their songs for the Christmas Program, we hope to see everyone Thursday December 13th at 6:30.  The children will put on a short program, followed by activities in the classrooms.  Rumor has it, there will be a photo opportunity with a special someone from the North Pole!  As we are all racing to prepare for the perfect holiday, remember, your child will not remember 10 years from now if everything was perfect, what they will remember is the time you spent with them.  So in our mad dash to get to everything done, don't forget to include time for your family. Isn't family what is most important this time of year?



by Administrator 30. October 2012 15:04

Boo at the Zoo was a huge success and I enjoyed seeing many of our families and old friends.  We completed our first week of the Food Program and everyone is doing a great job.  Thank you to all of the parents for signing their children in and out.  We had a nice turn out for our Fun Night on Tuesday.  The teachers had fun games and make-it-take-it projects going on in their classroom.  The children can't wait to go trick or treating tomorrow and then have their Harvest parties in their classrooms.  The teachers will begin doing Parent/Teacher conferences in the next 2 weeks.  I can't believe November is around the corner which means we will begin rehearsing for the Holiday Program.  Where has the year gone?


Fall Fun

by Administrator 29. October 2012 14:40

Here I sit, reflecting on all of the changes that we have going at our Silvis Location.  We just spent the weekend at Niabi Zoo, passing out candy and information to all the ghouls and goblins.  It was so nice to see so many of our families there this year!  As you walk through our building, you can see many projects for Fall and Halloween.  The children are buzzing with the excitement of the up coming parade we will be having for our neighbors at The Lighthouse.  Our pre-schoolers just completed their vision and hearing screening last week, the information on your child will be coming home soon.  Next month the children will have their developmental screenings.  The staff are hard at work preparing the annual Christmas program so the children can begin practicing, seems like the rest of the year is going to fly by. 


Pirate Day(s)

by Administrator 19. September 2012 10:37

We have had some terrific weather as of late, I know the children have been making the most of it.  I invite all of our friends and family to note the events calendar on the QCCDC website.  Today is National talk like a pirate day, so the children have been learning some fun phrases.  The hallways are filled with laughter from hearing teacher's say things like "Shiver me timbers!" and "What's a pirate's favorite letter? RRRRRRRRRRR"  One class even made themselves eye patches and hats to feel more like pirates.  My point here is easy to make, when the children are actively involved in the learning process, the learning process just becomes more natural, something they want to take part in.  So I encourage all of our friends and families to brush up on their Pirate talk, because some of the children may be using it for a few days.  "ARRRGH!  Anchor's away, the QCCDC has set sail for fun"


Summer wrap-up

by Administrator 8. August 2012 09:52

As I stare at the screen, reflecting on the program here at the QCCDC, I am simply struck by the fact that summer has flown by!  I know that the children have made good use of their time, they have had weekly water days to beat the heat, they have learned the rules of the new playground, the classroom walls hold many displays of the themes they have completed.  The staff have been taking some well deserved vacation time, and spending time with their families. 

Now as Fall approaches, we will be settling back into the routines of the school year.  We have more changes we will be introducing.  We are preparing to implement a new curriculum for all the students, our new Creative Curriculum materials have arrived and are being explored by the staff for future planning.  We are also starting the journey to become part of the  Quality Rating System, or QRS for short.  Over the next few months, as we continue this journey, we will have lots more info on the QRS to share. 

 We are growing excited about the new changes, and it seems our families our sharing that excitement.  As new families come to visit the center to talk about enrollment, they tell me they heard about us from a friend.  So thank you to everyone who is buzzing about the QCCDC, it is that commitment to the program that helps us grow stronger


Lots of Changes

by Administrator 24. July 2012 16:55

It has been a busy couple of weeks for our Silvis QCCDC.  We have launched our new website, you can now like us on Facebook, we have been accepted into The Child and Adult Care Food Program, and we have made some exciting changes around the center.  I hope that you have noticed the new sign on 10th Street, because I know that the children have.  The big buzz around the center is the addition of our new playground climber.  The children have been watching the progress for weeks as the dirt was piled and hauled, the climber assembled, and the new fence built.  A huge thanks to everyone who made it happen so quickly!  The entire project has just wrapped up, and the children are anxious to break it in. The climber is rated for use by children 2-12, so we will soon test it out.  Don't forget the center's policy about closed toed shoes, this will now be more important than ever for the safety of the children.  Check back often, as we launch our new blog, we will keep you posted on the happenings of the centers.



At QC Child Development Center, each classroom is organized with multiple learning centers offering choices based on the individual child's interest. Learning centers may include creative art, literature,science, pre-math, dramativ play, large motor, cognitive and manipulative areas.

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