Prop Baskets

by Administrator 18. March 2013 14:11

The staff seemed to really like the concept of the story prop basket, I let them play with a few of my favorite puppets so they could see how easy it is to start their collections.  I even found my magic wand/attention getter and demonstrated how it works.  I brought in a couple hardworking people this weekend, read that as I volunteered my husband and son (thanks guys!)  We tweaked a couple of the classrooms and made them a little more focused for the children.  We created a couple of new learning centers, brought in some new equipment, and lowered some of the existing equipment so the children could make better use of things.  It was funny for my 13 year old son to explore the classrooms and find some of his past toys, he is such a good re-cycler.  Everyone's efforts paid off, we had another visit this morning from our QRS consultants.  The consultants have noticed that we are making the suggested changes after each visit, and  that we are even making some changes before they suggest them.  I hope all of the parents have noticed as well.  I do want to give a big thanks to all of the hard working, dedicated staff of the QCCDC!  Everyone is really working hard to make our great center even better!



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At QC Child Development Center, each classroom is organized with multiple learning centers offering choices based on the individual child's interest. Learning centers may include creative art, literature,science, pre-math, dramativ play, large motor, cognitive and manipulative areas.

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