Mad Science Monday - Silly Soda Pop

by Administrator 10. June 2013 11:16

Hello everyone! 

   Today we held our first Mad Science Monday with great success! For our younger age groups we use the soda pop experiment to focus on the math skills that are utilized in cooking and following a recipe. We discussed how to gather ingredients, follow directions, and measure using both measuring cups and spoons.  The children enjoyed seeing the creation mix together as it fizzed and changed color. Then the children were invited to join in a taste test. For the Pre-K class and school-agers we took our experimentation one step further by broadening our discussion to include how things are made, career choices, and what acids are. We discussed how a scientist at a company will create a product, it is then made and tested, and then presented to the public. We pretended to be "taste testers" in a factory creating a new drink. After our initial creation, some children chose to add more or less of different ingredients, even changing the color of the drink, until they got it just right! We discussed how the lemon juice ingredient is an acid that reacts with the baking soda to make the drink fizz and we also discussed what other uses these products have. We were able to create a drink that was pleasing to most and help the children make a connection to their possible future career choices. Most of all, we had a great time!!!

Thank you for joining us!


Miss Juliet


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