Dive, Dive, Dive!

by Administrator 8. July 2013 11:34

    As we celebrate a week of Summer Fun, our experiment today for Mad Science Monday was "Diving Raisins."  This activity was simple yet fun and engaging as the children watched with anticipation for the raisins to bound up and down in our bottles of club soda.  It truly was that simple!  Take a bottle of ginger ale or club soda and have your child add a few raisins to a glass of it, or to the whole bottle. Watch as the raisins float to the top and then drop back down.  You may add a teaspoon of baking soda to increase the activity of the carbonation thus causing the raisins to surface and "dive" even faster!  For the younger groups, we discussed how the water was "bubbly" and what caused it. We also watch the raisins "swimming." The Pre-K class became very excited to continue adding baking soda  until the carbonation was used up while discussing what they observed each time.  Our school age children were able to expand on the concept of a hypothesis, first by discussing what it was, and second, by discussing what hypothesis' we had for today's experiment before we began. They were able to test each theory in turn and discuss the findings.  The school age class even chose to keep their experiment so that they could make more observations throughout the day!  We have a budding group of scientists ready to learn and we are all having a great time with Mad Science Mondays!!!! 

Have a Great Day!!! We did!!!!


Miss Juliet


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