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QC Child Development Center - Policies

At QC Child Development Centers, safety is a priority. If your child shows symptoms of illness while at the center, we will call you to pick up your child as a safety precaution for the other children and staff members. Please keep your child at home if he or she has a fever of 100 degrees or more, has diarrhea, is vomiting, or has been deemed contagious by a physician. Children may return when symptom free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication. The center will administer prescription, over the counter medications, and special diets/vitamins with written permission by the child’s physician. All medications must be in original containers with the child’s name clearly marked.

Center staff takes health matters seriously and regularly disinfects, cots, tables, toys, restrooms, and other surfaces often touched by children. Proper hand washing is the first line of defense in spreading germs. Children must wash hands upon arrival, before meals/snacks, after using the restroom, and after outside play. Children are taught proper coughing/sneezing techniques to prevent further spreading of germs.

QC Child Development centers appreciate your trust in the staff to care for your children. Unfortunately, that care also includes discipline. We view it as yet another learning opportunity, rather than a punishment. The staff uses age appropriate guidance techniques to redirect children towards safer and positive behavior. Children are never subjected to corporal punishment, emotional abuse, or humiliation. Time outs are not used at QC Child Development Centers.

We conduct monthly fire and disaster drills. In case or real emergency, we will stay with your child until you- or someone you designate- can arrive.

Children who bite most often are those who have not mastered communication skills. The staff of QC Child Development Centers are specially trained to deal with these incidents. The biter receives immediate consolation and care while the biter is removed from the area, given quiet time. Further observation to discover the cause of biting is also provided. Parents receive prompt notification.

Weekly rates are determined based on age and program, as stated per written payment contract. A multi-child discount is available. Contact Center Director for more information.