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Testimonials from parents who have children that attend Quad City Child Development Center

Kelly-Bettendorf, IA

I could not be happier with the care my children have received at the QCCDC. The environment is warm and nurturing as well as educational. It is so comforting to know that my children are well cared for while my husband and I are at work. We have had children in every classroom from that loving infant room to the quality PRE-K program and have loved each one. Thanks again to ALL the staff at QCCDC you have truly made a difference in our children's lives and are an extended part of our family.


Amanda Ratliff & Anthony Savala

We chose QCCDC for our son, Noah for many reasons. They offer a safe and secure facility, which we believe every parent can appreciate. The staff at QCCDC is not only friendly but also incredibly welcoming. We are encouraged to stop by any time to visit and/or to join in on the activities. QCCDC makes it a point to not be just another daycare, but a place where our son can spend the day learning new things and providing him with new experiences. QCCDC has taken the time to prepare our son for the step in his life and we believe that is what makes them a fantastic childcare center. QCCDC is a great place for childcare and we are grateful to have found such an amazing center for our son.


Desyree Weakley

Our family is so blessed to have the teachers and staff of QCCDC look after our children a few days a week. Not only do they provide a creative learning environment, but a caring place that we trust to take care of our kids.



My girls loved going to the QCCDC. They had a lot of fun with the kids in their rooms. The toddler and infant room teachers always made my girls feel special. I always felt very comfortable leaving my girls, knowing that they would get quality care. Thanks QCCDC!! Hope to see you soon.



I chose QCCDC for my 3-year-old son over a year ago. I was really impressed with the staff and the cleanliness of the building. Everyone has done a great job teaching my son in all aspects. His speech has improved immensely! He loves doing all the activities each day and especially seeing his "friends". QCCDC has done a great job in dealing with any family emergency sickness and work that has come up. I am excited for my daughter to start soon.


Terry and Liza

I love that when I go to pick him up he doesn't want to leave because he is having such a great time! Knowing that makes it easier to be away!


Sabrina Smith

Here are the things that sold us on the program (and keep selling us) Location - very convenient for both Preston and I Program - solid educational program Teachers - the way the teachers interact with the children (and other distractions are not allowed in the room) and the way Vivian looks up to the teachers as role models. Friends - The friends that she has made, and how important they are to her.

I also have noticed that since she moved into the pre school program her handwriting has improved tremendously. She has really taken an interest in the alphabet and spelling.


The staff in very friendly and attentive to the kids. My girls talk about their teacher at home and love them very much.


QCCDC works with your child's development thoroughly and patiently. The staff is very kind and is always coming up with new activities to keep the children's minds exploring. I also love how clean QCCDC keeps their facility.

Joshua & Mara

We utilize the QCCDC for both of our daughters. The main reason we like the center is both of our girls enjoyed going there everyday, and were happy and comfortable there. There always seems to be a good balance between play and learning and the staff cares about the well being of the children.

Degett & Maddie Stanley

I just wanted to say a few things for your website. Maddie has been coming here for 2 years and from the start has enjoyed it very much. It is very comforting to know in the mornings I know she will have a fun-filled day and is safe. I appreciate all that you and your staff have done to help my little girl become a "big girl". I appreciate everyone's hard work and want to say thank you. Amber